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Jul 05, ISBN Elka barely remembers a time before she knew Trapper. She was just seven years old, wandering lost and hungry in the wilderness, when the solitary hunter took her in.

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But the man Elka thought she knew has been harboring a terrible secret. A monster. And now that Elka knows the truth, she may be his next victim. The Wolf Road is an intimate cat-and-mouse tale of revenge and redemption, played out against a vast, unforgiving landscape—told by an indomitable young heroine fighting to escape her past and rejoin humanity.

Beth Lewis is a managing editor at Titan Books in London.

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She was raised in the wilds of Cornwall and split her childhood between books and the beach. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has had close encounters… More about Beth Lewis. It masterfully dances between the savagery of the wild and the raw, blunt humor of frontier logic. A rollicking, striking read. Elka is a brilliant creation—fierce and vulnerable at the same time.

Her story and her voice pull you in from the first page and never let you go. Gripping and unforgettable. It is a novel about a girl in the wilderness, escaping and then hunting 'Trapper', the man who saved her in the wilderness and took her in, the man who killed women and children Only comment I have is that I feel the book could have been edited to a bit more compact writing.

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But other than that, a very entertaining, great story. Unusual, out of the box. I think this author has more up her sleeve, looking forward to that. View 2 comments. I found The Wolf Road to have a compelling and easy to read style. The protagonist is one of the strongest females that I've read, and I found how she survived several early traumas to be mostly believable.

If you are looking for strong female characters, and a variety of them, you will enjoy this book. This was a book that was hard to put down, even if it strained my 'willful suspension of disbelief' in several important places. Grounding a story in reality is very important to me, even when it I found The Wolf Road to have a compelling and easy to read style.

Grounding a story in reality is very important to me, even when it's a fantasy or a futuristic tale. A bit more of that grounding, and this would have been a five star read for me. I know a lot of readers will be able to coast past the things that bothered me. For a fast and adventurous read, with unusual characters, this will be a good summer read for you. View all 5 comments. Novel is pert-near perfect. One slight complaint I got is that some parts is a mite hard to read. Made my head spun, they done did. Cruise willin' and the creek don't rise, I might give 'er another read one day.

See what alls I might of misunderstood cuz it's writ all broke-like. Writing that first paragraph hurt my heart and soul. I once wrote a story called "Smitten" in this style, and to this day, I want to go back a Novel is pert-near perfect.

I once wrote a story called "Smitten" in this style, and to this day, I want to go back and rewrite it. In both my story and Lewis's novel, the first-person hick-speak is warranted, but Tom Cruise wept, it's hard to read at times. I honestly would've given this five stars if I hadn't needed to reread entire paragraphs to figure out what the silly-fuck Elka was saying.

I liked the first mash up better. Now, now, brown cow, I dig the fuck outta Doris Day and her goofy little western, but I wasn't expecting the shift.

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It was a wee bit jarring. Lewis finally brought everything home in terrific fashion, but that doesn't change the fact that she had me worried for almost half the run time. I actually look forward to rereading the novel just because I know what's coming now and I can sit back and enjoy the book for what it is instead of what I expected it to be. The ending is both emotionally powerful and fantastically written. I was hovering around three stars until the final pages. The novel paid off and left me wanting flip back to page one and start all over again the minute I flipped the final page.

Can't say that about many books.

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In summation: While the narrative style can be difficult to read at times and forced me to slow down or to reread certain sections, I loved the characters and the chances the author took. But that's kinda my fault. I expected one tone throughout, and I got about three different tones. Not necessarily a bad thing. Just unexpected. Final Judgment: Finger lickin' good. View all 10 comments. The usual suspects get the credit blame for me reading this one.

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Between the title and the cover and the amount of time it took me to actually read The Wolf Road my pitiful little brain had decided it was going to be a story kinda like this one. So dumb. The Wolf Road is a real mind bender. It finally sinks in that this is a whole new Wild Wild West. You know, but not shitty like that one. ARC provided by Crown Publishing in exchange for an honest review. View all 12 comments. Less likely to sling mud or poke fun or call names. A new version of self where I can somehow resist the urge to belittle the trolls who posit opinions as facts.

Naw, who am I kidding? The Wolf Road is a post-apocalyptic story set in the near future. The story follows Elka, a young girl passed off to her nana when her parents decided to head north in search of gold. For the next seven years, Elka and her nana eke out a meager existence in a rustic cabin in the deep woods until a massive thunderhead blows through one day and levels their home.

Her nana was out for a walk at the time, and when she fails to return Elka seeks help. For the next ten years or so things go swimmingly until Elka travels to town one day and learns a disturbing secret about the man she thought she knew. A secret powerful enough to leave her reeling. So, as you can probably guess from my introduction, this was another book that most of my friends loved, but of course I had a few issues with it.

The main one being that the ending was given away in the first chapter. You better dazzle me with your wordsmithing; amaze me with your character development; fool me with a twisty narrative and hidden reveals; rock my world with an earth-shattering climax and a tear-jerking resolution. Ah, maybe I was asking too much. Granted, my tolerance for slang seems to coincide with my overall enjoyment of the story. Lastly, I want to briefly touch on character motivation. Not to mention, with the law in hot pursuit, it would seem wise for Trapper to be hightailing it in the opposite direction.

Always hot after a killing. He leaned up against a cottonwood tree, panting to keep the cold out, getting sick of hide-and-seek. Bottom line: The story started with a bang then wound back the clock and spent the remainder of its time working its way back to the beginning. Knowing the outcome detracted from the enjoyment of the chase, and by the time the nasty revelations begin to flood in it was too little too late to salvage things for me.

View all 36 comments. Copy furnished by Net Galley in exchange for a review. Elka doesn't much like people. She don't trust 'em. Raised in the woods by a man name a' Trapper, all she knows is the wild.

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Her basic credo is one of common decency - leave the forest as you found it. Backward and illiterate, Elka is going to need to employ the use of every survival skill she knows when her world comes crashing down. Spare and gritty, this one. View all 4 comments.