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He was living the dream with his buddy Kat Ekaterina's nickname when she turns in to a monster and tries to kill him. Now he is constantly fighting psychopaths in order to get his Ekaterina back. Now they are both on separate missions to stop this curse before it gets out of hand. Kat's life is a rough one. Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs!

With fast shipping, low prices, friendly service and over 1,, in stock items - you're bound to find what you want, at a price you'll love! Please view eBay estimated delivery times at the top of the listing. We are unable to deliver faster than stated. NOTE: We are unable to offer combined shipping for multiple items purchased. She is the silent girl in the back of the class with parental issues. The first person to ever give her a chance was Zayden nicknamed Deny , and by high school, she was in love. On the night of the last school dance, a demon possesses her and tries to kill him.

Now she is traveling with the voice in her head to find out what the heck is going on. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Hermit's Secret. A Hermit's Secret tells the story of a lifelong friendship that forms between a mysterious A Hermit's Secret tells the story of a lifelong friendship that forms between a mysterious hermit and a high school boy.

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The hermit, who appears in a rural community of southern Greece with only a guitar, is a total enigma to View Product. The Jesus Secret is the first fiction book written by Dr. Robert Siblerud based on It is a historical novel about the life of Jesus. It is an exciting adventure of two Life's Rhymes for Our Times. She doesn't know what to do with so many job offers, even when drowning she was almost top in her class. She ends up choosing not to take a job straight away.

She should have expected falling for Tommy. They were always together now, almost afraid to let go of each other in case something else happens. Every time he smiles at her she felt her broken heart flutter and sometimes she thinks she would be ok. Laurel stops drowning when Tommy is by her side. He keeps saving her in so many ways that sometimes she questions how he does it. Without you I would be drowning too so I will always save you" he says with a smile.

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She rushes to the mansion and tries not to be disappointed when it's not Oliver. She loves Robert, he was like a father after hers died, and is happy he is safe but can't help the tears slowly forming in her eyes. Laurel is amazed that he is not distant to her, Moria or Tommy but he does have an intense focus on something else most of the time. She swears she heard him whisper one night that he would save this city and nothing would happen to them ever again.

For moral support he said, he isn't wrong but that's not the full reason. Being apart from each other is still difficult for them especially with all the stuff being dragged up by Robert's return. They are not there for long before it starts. Most people get out of the building apart from them. Tommy pushes her out of the way of falling debris but it all lands on him. More continues to fall and this time it pins her to the ground. Laurel can see Tommy from her current position but can also see the metal bar impaling him and the blood slowly soaking his shirt.

He could tell from the start that Tommy was dead but he hoped for once he was wrong. That he wouldn't have to bury someone else he considers one of his children. When she wakes up in the Queen mansion she tells Robert and Moria she can't stay any longer. She has lost everything in Starling and needs a new start. Not before Moria makes sure she has everything even though Laurel tries to refuse.

This is now an age old game they play and Laurel knows she will always lose but still puts up a fight anyway. She is the last of them so they are acting almost over protective. They even make her promise to call them whenever she can. Laurel calls them weekly until the explosion. Robert doesn't even need to ask Laurel to keep his secret as they both know she would never tell anyone.

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If she did she could easily lose another person she cares for. Central City feels like a fresh new start, even though she is still dealing with grief and that never goes, but it never stays like that. Laurel loses her voice for several days although she tries to convince herself this is just a normal sore throat and nothing to do with the explosion.

Lots of people have been injured or are in trouble due to the explosion so she doesn't want to distract anyone especially when it's something so small. She chooses the name Black Canary remembering a old story Quentin once told her about how Sara loved birds and that canaries were her favourite. It's the only thing she remembers about her sister. After a few months of being Black Canary and getting into things, she was thankful about the old self defence and martial art lessons she had as a kid, her apartment gets stormed.

They are called argus yet are not here to arrest her for being the Black Canary. It's just for being a meta human. Unfortunately Laurel is not one of the lucky meta humans, at this point she doubts she has any luck at all. The lucky ones, or technically the unlucky ones according to the argus agents, are the ones that get killed. They don't get tested or tortured they just get killed as their abilities are not considered useful.

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She is there for 2 years. Trapped in a 10 by 10 room with no windows and the only sound is other metas screams. When free one of the first things Laurel does besides a shower, food and a change of clothes was to search up all that had happened in the 2 years. She learnt that her life was completely removed, no trace that Laurel Lance ever existed.

Thanks to argus. Lucky she was looking for a job. She found out Moria died to a man named Slade Wilson. She had to check if he was also dead otherwise she would happily abandon Zoom just to kill Slade. Luckily he was already killed by The Hood. The last the hood was seen was performing several attacks on argus before disappearing off the face of the earth.

A meta would be useless against argus but The Hood. He could free everyone and Zoom just beat him to me. This thought process made her send a text to Robert's old number, hoping he still had it. She never got a reply but sometimes she had the feeling of being watched and couldn't help but think it was Robert. Laurel also discovered stuff about her mother and sister despite her better judgement.

Apparently her mother and Sara's last name was Drake, her mothers maiden name. Turns out they also lived in Central City but died in a car accident a year ago. This is how Laurel learns she no longer has any living family. Although she still hoped Robert was alive despite knowing her luck meant he had a better chance of being dead.

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That came with the joy of being feared by everyone but their was another bonus. She got to meet Reverb, Killer Frost and Deathstorm.

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Laurel couldn't believe that here of all places, in a meta human army, that she would find friends again. Laurel learns the thrill of killing and the joy of crumbling buildings. She felt powerful again like she did when she was Black Canary but better. Due to that feeling she changes her name. She is no longer Black Canary, a person trying to do good and keep a tie to her sister.

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She is now Black Siren a broken person who thrives on people's fear of her. A person who lost everything and has nothing to lose. Oliver and Tommy stopped her from drowning whereas with Reverb they dive under the water together. One day Zoom appears telling her the flash, a man from another earth, had killed her friends and that they were going to attack his another earth.