The Forbidden Marriage (Mills & Boon Cherish) (What Women Want!, Book 4)

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I immediately lose any sympathy and any faith he can be redeemed. Women were expected to produce a kid, or preferably two. Everyone involved knew it. It all depends on the circumstances, morality at the time, morality now. No wonder we all like different books!

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Its all Fiction, so I give authors leeway to tell an interesting story whether I personally would like to be in that situation or not. How does that fit into this scenario? I was more squicked out by the fact that she was in love with her stepbrother. It makes me wonder if there was either something you all had in common which lead to you have exactly the same reactions to the material because presumably there are people who would not have had those reactions.

Again,there were probably a variety of different responses, both to historical marital rape and from readers of rape in romances. I have a degree in history, so while I agree with the accuracy of what Sarah is saying, I still have to say I do NOT want to read about it in my romance novels. Flog me if you wish, but romance has a lot to do with fantasy because not all Scottish women are fiery redheads, right?

Bad, alpha male. And every one with a pretty big mouth. Which brings me to c , what do we do or not do with that? They have found a letter from Billy Greene, who coached Lincoln in grammar, writing glowingly while describing his wonderful thighs. They also note that Lincoln had a body guard during his years in the White House that slept with him when his wife was out of town.

I personally would have added in all the evidence that Lincoln had mistresses too besides his rocky marriage. My point is that unless you are talking about contemporary material you should be careful in using our post Kinsey Reports sexual morality point of view and try to leverage that evolved thinking in an attempt to understanding historical relationships even as recent as years ago.

Midsummer Magic…first half was almost unbearable. Second half was … interesting. Personally, I prefer Calypso Magic, which had far less abuse and a nice spanking scene. Roberta Gellis has managed to take wife beating, forced marriage and marital rape and make them palatable within the historical context by the manner in which the heroine reacts to the circumstances.

While the section with the marriage does not last very long, Gellis manages to convey that the heroine decided she was lucky because he was not unkind to her and set out to make him a good wife 12th century.

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In another, the heroine is in the complete control of a sadistic monster, who marries her to a traumatized and maimed young man—part of a thoroughly dastardly plot. Again the marriage does not last long but the heroine realizes that her best effort is to try to make the marriage work, which means having sex with him in order to legitimate the union. She rationally examines it from the angle of whether it would be a benefit or a detriment—and John is not an attractive proposition in this book.

Any way in each of these cases the woman acted in her own best interest rather than simply being acted upon. Zomg, teh Sex—cannot has teh Sex. While her books are historicals with romantic content rather than romances, her resilient heroines make them a pleasure for me to read.

These women knew they had to get married. They knew sex was a requirement.

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It was Clan of Cave Bear where Ayla??? Rape is the word we use to define that feeling. Get in, get out, get her pregnant. And I felt it was more genuine than many other historicals where the heroine goes from virgin to sex goddess in one scene.

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I will never, ever find marital rape sexy, and it irritates me mightily when authors try to spin it that way. Rape is not about being sexy. Rape is about power, and if it shows up in a historical in that context I have absolutely no problem with it. Men believed they had the right to take sex from their wife, and it was unpleasant and awful but it was a fact of life.

No issue with that. But when an author writes a rape scene like a love scene, it turns my stomach. There are those times where the hero convinces the herione otherwise… but to me that crosses over into forced seduction. Did he ultimately convince her she wanted it…no not really. One Gellis heroine was walking at night and was terrified of demons and other assorted evils.

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  • Another heroine had a scene where she lovingly delouses her husband after he returns from traveling. I agree. I was blaming you for ruining my life, but now I realize that I was just in a grouchy mood and pissed-off that you dumped me nearly a decade ago, even though you thought that you were doing the right thing.

    Alright, bad example, but I totally agree with you.

    The talk of spousal rape reminds me of a few classica examples. The other is the condonement of racism, but both really need to be looked at through the historical perspective, as said. Society is shocked when they find out that Rhett and Scarlett have seperate bedrooms—a wife should sleep with her husband, whether she wants to or not. King Uthur decided that Igraine was pretty hot, and told her to sleep with him. Chantelle Shaw. Julia James. The Millionaire's True Worth. The Italian's One-Night Baby. The Winter Bride. Tara Pammi.

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