Tenement: Immigrant Life on the Lower East Side

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Use with historical fiction writing assignment. An enjoyable non-fiction book that was neither informal nor dull. This book depicts what life was like for immigrants in the late nineteenth century in New York City. It's an eye awakening book for young readers.

Interesting and informative book about what life was really like for the people who came to America for a new life. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Orbis Pictus Award References to this work on external resources. Wikipedia in English None. No library descriptions found. Book description. Haiku summary. Add to Your books. Add to wishlist. Quick Links Amazon. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Bridget, a domestic maid, was only 17 years old when she got married in and a few years later immigrated to America with her husband Joseph Moore, a waiter. There a very few windows and no lighting in the apartment, there is just candles and it gets very dark.

You can be a little freaked out by the music and darkness in the front room. However, this was a great experience and it just shows you how the Moore family had to live all those years ago. After their daughter, Agnes, died Bridget passed away at the young age of 36 and by this time the Irish were in when the Immigration Act of was brought in. The Lower East Side is one of the longest and oldest neighborhoods in the city.

It has long been a lower-class worker neighborhood and often a poor and ethnically diverse section of New York. As well as Irish, Italians, Poles, Ukrainians, and other ethnic groups, it once had a sizeable German population and known as Little Germany Klein Deutschland and today it is a predominantly Puerto Rican and Dominican community. Related: Immigration , New York. Toggle navigation. Why Saoirse Kennedy Hill's cause of death has not yet been released. Fan of "The Quiet Man? An Irish Mammy, the luck of the Irish, and the Beatles.

Celebrating St. Finbarr's Day and the lone Gougane Barra. On this day: Sept 21, John F. The building is five stories high, and has a flat roof. The only ventilation is by a window, which opens against a dead wall eight feet distant, and to which rises the vapor from the vault below. There is water on each floor, and gas pipes are laid through the building, so that those who desire it can use gas.

The building contains families, or about inhabitants.

A Look Inside the Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Each family has a narrow sitting-room, which is used also for working and eating, and a closet called a bed room. But few of the rooms are properly ventilated. The sun never shines in at the windows, and if the sky is overcast the rooms are so dark as to need artificial light. The whole house is dirty, and is filled with the mingled odors from the cooking-stoves and the sinks.

In the winter the rooms are kept too close by the stoves, and in the summer the natural heat is made tenfold greater by the fires for cooking and washing. Pass these houses on a hot night, and you will see the streets in front of them filled with the occupants, and every window choked up with human heads, all panting and praying for relief and fresh air.

Sometimes the families living in the close rooms we have described, take "boarders," who pay a part of the expenses of the "establishment. During the past winter, however, many of the East side streets have become horribly filthy. The reader must not suppose that the house just described is an exceptional establishment. In the Eleventh and Seventeenth wards whole streets, for many blocks, are lined with similar houses. There are many single blocks of dwellings containing twice the number of families residing on Fifth avenue, on both sides of that street, from Washington Square to the Park, or than a continuous row of dwellings similar to those on Fifth avenue, three or four miles in length.

The Fourth ward, covering an area of 83 acres, contains 23, inhabitants.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum Recreates Life in New York for Immigrants 100 Years Ago

The city of Springfield Massachusetts , contains 26, inhabitants. The Eleventh ward, comprising acres, contains more people than the cities of Mobile Alabama , and Salem Massachusetts , combined. The Seventh ward, covering acres, contains more inhabitants than the city of Syracuse New York.

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The Seventeenth ward, covering acres, contains more inhabitants than the city of Cleveland Ohio , which is the fifteenth city in the Union in respect of population. The best of the tenement houses are uncomfortable. Where so large a number of people are gathered under the same roof to live as they please, it is impossible to keep the premises clean. A very large portion of them are in bad repair and in equally bad sanitary condition.

In these houses made up fifty-two per cent. Many of them are simply appalling.

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They become more wretched and squalid as the East River and Five Points sections are reached. Cherry, Water, and the neighboring streets, are little better than charnel houses.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum | National Trust for Historic Preservation

About three months ago one of the most wretched rookeries in the city was cleared out and cleansed by order of the Board of Health. This was known as "Sweeney's," and stood in Gotham Court. The immediate cause of its overhauling was the discovery of its actual condition made by Detective Finn and Mr. Crapsey gives the following interesting account of his visit: "As we stopped in Cherry street at the entrance to Gotham Court, and Detective Finn dug a tunnel of light with his bullseye lantern into the foulness and blackness of that smirch on civilization, a score or more of boys who had been congregated at the edge of the court suddenly plunged back into the obscurity, and we heard the splash of their feet in the foul collections of the pavements.

Though why they should object to go to jail is more than I know; I'd rather stay in the worst dungeon in town than here. Come this way and I'll show you why. Coming to the first of these stairs, I was peremptorily halted by the foul stenches rising from below; but Finn, who had reached the bottom, threw back the relentless light upon the descending way and urged me on.

Every step oozed with moisture and was covered sole deep with unmentionable filth; but I ventured on, and reaching my conductor, stood in a vault some twelve feet wide and two hundred long, which extended under the whole of West Gotham Court. The walls of rough stone dripped with slimy exudations, while the pavements yielded to the slightest pressure of the feet a suffocating odor compounded of bilge-water and sulphuretted hydrogen. Upon one side of this elongated cave of horrors were ranged a hundred closets, every one of which reeked with this filth, mixed with that slimy moisture which was everywhere as a proof that the waters of the neighboring East River penetrated, and lingered here to foul instead of purify.

As he did so, the gurgling of water at the Cherry street end of the vault caught his ear, and penetrating thither, he peered curiously about. Its the sewer! I never knew of this opening into it before.