Loving The Unlovable

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When we love the people, who have wronged us we are walking in the very footsteps of God and displaying His character. How we love them is first, we do not wish them harm.

How to love the unlovable

As difficult as it is, because it goes against our innate sense of justice, retribution or revenge should never be an option. Secondly, we pray for those who have hurt us. Pray to God and He will meet you in your hurt to love the unlovable. Suicide Prevention Starts With Hope. Singleness: A Gift to the Church.

5 ways to love someone who is acting unlovable

Dealing with Disappointment. The Preacher at Pride Fest. Uncomfortable Grace. Dealing with Abuse Honestly and Lovingly. Respond in Love.

Loving the Unlovable in a Practical Way

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April 20, Pastor John Smith. Featured Posts.

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It is Well. June 19, May 20, God Unlike Us.

October 18, Recent Posts. August 23, August 16, June 28, To love ourselves actually may be harder than to love any other person, because we know ourselves thoroughly, through and through. They were identities that I created to protect me from others, who hurt me in the past. The most famous one in my repertoire of roles was being invisible and hiding my talents.

Living in a small village being smart made me unpopular at school, other kids envy me. Desperately trying to fit in I constantly try to hide my talents and make myself small. Some of your shadow parts are identities that others force upon you to help you fit into society.

Helping Families Love Well

Another type of identities were the roles that others force upon me with the best intention to help me to survive in this world. Like for instance choosing profession that will guarantee me not just a job, but a high paid job. Attending a college that will prove that I am smart, not the one that was my heart calling. Dropping out of ballet classes just because they required me to miss the school for an hour or two every week. Allowing my friends to use me to get what they want.

Always doing what others want from me and giving up my wants, just to not be lonely, without friends. Although I am grateful to all the people in my childhood who create those identities for me, they are not part of who I am.

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They did help me to survive until I grown up and was finally able to take care of myself, financially and emotionally. When I was able to give up on friends who use me and find ones who treat me kindly.

All those identities did help me to survive, but they also take away all the joy and keep kind honest people outside of my life. Convince me that life is just black and white without bright colors that I love to play with at my art school classes. All those identities that convince me, that I need people in my life who used me to get what they want otherwise I will be lonely and isolated. Even though I was aware that those identities were not part of me and worthless, it took a great amount of time, energy and finding the right process for me to release them.

Then I was finally ready to be just me most of the time. It still happens that now I caught myself acting weird and out of integrity. In the process of removing identities that are not part of ourselves, only parts that are left are parts of our real self. We only need to master the art of Self-love — removing identities to uncover who we are.

How to love the unlovable | 1 John: A 7-Day Devotional | Devotionals | NewSpring Church

How To Save Your Relationship. How can we love ourselves with knowing all those shadow sides of us? For me, it came with the realization that those shadow sides of myself are not me.