Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves

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Some kids are just self-centered douches. Well, I assume. Plus it adds some really great character development — not to mention it adds a lot to the circumstances in the story when a character is faced with something unpleasant and approaches it from some sort of overblown sense of entitlement. It can be nice to see those characters knocked down a peg and to see them start to realize what really matters in life.

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Towards the end the magic and lore get a lot more intense but save for a bit of a run in with a gypsy woman, the magic remains pretty low key and unobtrusive. The story is able to build itself up and the characters are allowed to operate within a sort of Dickensian world that we know and recognize. Meanwhile you get a few hints here and there of something more. It works really well with the story Raney is telling. The characters were all pretty great and the little world he built in this past London was well explained and established.

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I liked the King of Thieves and his court and particularly the Brothers Ratt. And check back on May 21st for your chance to get a copy of your very own.


If you can wait that long to read it yourself, of course. Thank you so much for featuring me and my friend Jim Morgan on your site, and also for the great review! You guys are awesome! Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting? I listen on my commute, so I never listen in one sitting. A really fun story. You begin hating a character and end up caring about him as he grows up and becomes the person his father had hoped.

Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves: James Matlack Raney: cammojen.gq: Books

The side characters, specifically the Ratts, Lacey and Cornelius area all great parts of the story and add so much heart. I would definitely listen to "Jim Morgan" again! This book is the perfect mix of excitement, mystery, magic and humor.

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It was really cool to experience Jim's evolution over the course of all the tragedies and adventures he was thrown into. The reader Patrick Conn's British accent helps bring the world London to life, his animated voice and distinct character choices were also lots of fun to listen to. I enjoyed joining Jim on his incredible journey. The book is very well written and transports the reader into Jim's world; I felt like I was going through everything with him.

This book is fantastic and enjoyable at any age! Can't wait to read more from author James Matlack Raney.

Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves by James Matlack Raney

Wonderful tale about a boy who has lost his way, both emotionally and physically, and with the help of new friends discovers the world. When he discovered what treasure truly is. Well written and narrated book suitable for both boys and girls as there is a stand out girl named Lucy, who will inspire everyone , young and old.

The pace is quick and steady, with wonderful adventures, endearing characters, and magic in the form of Baba Yagga plus a bit more. The book can be read on it's own, but there is enough information as to inspire one to quickly pick up book Your audiobook is waiting…. Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves.

By: James Matlack Raney. Narrated by: Patrick Conn.

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Length: 8 hrs and 41 mins. Categories: Kids , Ages New Releases.

Categories: Historical. Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves. Description A gypsy curse A shadow pirate An ancient treasure An adventure beyond mystery and magic!

Eleven year-old Jim Morgan once had a home, a life of comfort, and a future full of promise. But all that changed the night his father was murdered. Now Jim is on the run from his father's enemies, a wicked count and his vengeful son, and at the same time, trying to decipher the secret to the last mystery his father left him - the hidden location of an ancient treasure.