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In the s, Madrid Metro decided to extend the station platforms to allow for longer trains that would hold more passengers.

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Because of its close proximity to the nearby stations Bilbao and Iglesia, it was impossible to extend the platform, so in the decision was taken to close down the station. The station lay unused for over 40 years, but the fact that its entrance was bricked up meant that its original features were well preserved. Old adds from the 's all done in tile…..

One of the highlights of the museum are the intricately reconstructed advertisements that lined the platform, made from mosaics and advertising everything from La Estrella coffee to Longines watches and the Gal perfumery. Transport police and border soldiers also guarded the underground passenger platforms.

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The station had exits on both East and West Berlin sides which made it attractive for planned escapes. Consequently, the entire grounds had to be hermetically sealed off. Some remains of the border fortifications can be found in the park on the Nordbahnhof grounds.

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Berlin Wall Memorial. I have vivid memories of the very tangible ghostliness that passing through such scenes always exuded. I was only a kid when I encountered this in the s on my first Berlin trip.

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But slowly riding through Unter den Linden in particular left clear images in my memory: the greenish-yellowish dim light, shadowy silhouettes of half hidden boarder guards, the emptiness and derelict aura of the stations as a whole, and the old signs, still from pre-WWII times, and still in that old gothic script of the pre-Nazi era even btw. That was history hitting right between the eyes — even as a mere year-old I could not have failed to grasp this. It was, in fact, a formative experience, I can now say — see also why this interest in dark tourism!

Apart from those S-Bahn regional metro train lines, there were also a few U-Bahn metro lines that had ghost stations under East Berlin territory, in particular today's U6 and U8 lines running north-south through the GDR capital with ghost stations e. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in November , those ghost stations were quickly opened up again too.

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All of them are now fully integrated into reunited Berlin's public transport network, some after first having been comprehensively overhauled especially Potsdamer Platz. The inside has been overhauled too, but still retains the typical old tiled look just a lot shinier than in the old ghost station days.

To commemorate the era of the ghost stations, which as such had disappeared as completely as most of the Berlin Wall, a new exhibition about the topic was unveiled in the underground passageways of Nordbahnhof S-Bahn.

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  7. Panels on a central column in the concourse part provide an overview of the thematic subsections of the exhibition. This is useful if you want to follow the chronological structure of the exhibition — but it's not binding.