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Okay, so maybe it was, but it happened, and there's nothing you can do to make it un-happen.

It was in the past, and this is your present. And if you want to have a better future, then you have to accept the past for what it was, however unpleasant it may be. Let's say your husband cheated on you -- are you going to "accept" that overnight? Obviously not, but you can come to a place where thinking about it no longer leaves you feeling completely angry and bitter. Spend time with close friends and family.

Sure, hanging out with Mom or your best friend Mindy might not help you improve your career or find a new place to live, but it can make you feel better about the process.

How To Handle Disappointment - Pastor Steven Furtick

You'll see that you have so many great relationships in your life, and that you have an awesome support system that can help you through it all. Though you don't have to rehash the disappointment with everyone, just having them there will make you feel like you're not so alone with your pain. Make a new plan. The old plan didn't work out for you, did it? That's perfectly okay. Ships have to change courses in the middle of the night all the time to avoid unforeseen obstacles, and so will you. Find a new way to get to that dream career, to find that perfect man, or to make your dream charity come to life.

Maybe you've had a setback in your health and won't be able to walk for a few months. Work with a physical therapist to make a plan for success. How can you still follow your dreams, make yourself happy, but move things around? Seek advice. Talk to people who know what they're doing. If you're a teacher who is struggling with your job, talk to the principal.

If you're trying to make it as an artist, see if there are other artists in your city who will be willing to offer some insight. Call a family friend who knows something about having to relocate to an unpleasant location for a job.

Talk to your mom about what it was like when she went through her divorce. Though every situation is different, getting advice from different people provided that you trust them , will give you more direction and will make you see that plenty of other people are struggling, too. Be open to new opportunities. So you may not become director of the writing program at your small college. But there's a new reading series that opened up and they want you to be in charge. Dash at the opportunity to do something new that can give you experience, help you work with a variety of people, and give you more confidence about achieving your goals.

If you only want to do thing A, B, or C, then you'll be turning a blind eye when opportunity Z, the best opportunity of all, struts right by you. Don't close off and hang out with the same circle of friends; a new friend can bring new momentum and energy to your life. Maybe you've only looked for work as a high school teacher and just can't get a break.

Why not try something different but related, like teaching community college? It can still be a great opportunity that will give you the experience you need. Get inspired. The Nobel-Prize-winning author, Alice Munro, didn't publish a book until she was 37!!! Look at the lives of other people who dealt with major disappointments before coming out the other end with more guts and more appreciation for what they have. If success was served up on a silver platter, then it wouldn't be worth the struggle, would it? Learn from your mistakes. So you've had a disappointment. Does that mean that all it did was set you back a few years and ruin your mood?

There's something that you can learn from any situation, whether it's that you should do your research more, not be so trusting, or not jump into something that you feel a little uncertain about. Though it's no fun to learn your lesson the hard way, think of all the positive things this knowledge can do for you in the future.

It's all part of the learning experience. Don't tell your friends about what "might" happen.

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Maybe you have a good opportunity in the works. You've been dating a guy for six weeks but have this feeling that he's "the one. Your boss mentioned a new exciting position and you think you'll be picked for the job. Well, you can share your feelings with a close friend or two, but if you tell your twenty best friends or acquaintances about what might happen, then you will be more upset when it doesn't happen and you have to give everyone the bad news. Keep hope alive.

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Staying hopeful is the key to a happy and fulfilling life, no matter how disappointed you may be. Stay optimistic, keep things positive, and always have something to look forward to in your life, no matter how small it may be. If you're hopeful about the future and all of the good it can bring, then you will be much more likely to succeed. Hopeful people make meaningful connections and go for unlikely opportunities that more "realistic" people would scoff at.

Keep your head up and only good things can happen to you. If everyone around you is bringing you down, then how can you have hope? Know your worth. Remember that you're a valuable person who can bring a lot to the table, whether it's because you're a superb mother, a talented animator, or an incredible listener who is invaluable to your friends.

How to deal with disappointment

Maybe you're also a great writer, a keen observer, and a computer whizz. Remind yourself of all of your good qualities and keep giving the world what you have, because the world needs it -- even if it may not feel that way after a set back. How can you use these traits to your advantage? If you think you're worth nothing, then prospective employers, significant others, friends, etc, will think so too. Make time for fun. What does fun have to do with making a new plan, achieving your goals, and avoiding future disappointments?

Nothing and everything. If you're so focused on achieving your goals and overcoming your setbacks, then you will never be able to stop, breathe, and relax. Having fun is just as important as sending out your resume to twenty companies because it allows you to get grounded, sit back and appreciate what you have, and take down your stress levels a few notches. Is it normal to be disappointed when a family member doesn't follow through on things?

This is absolutely normal. People are being really rude when they constantly and abruptly back out of commitments they made to you. Tell them what you have noticed and how you feel about it. You are not wrong to feel the way you do. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful Yes, it's fine to be disappointed when you have minor problems, but the message is not to dwell on those problems. Not Helpful 3 Helpful My school organized a walk and my best friends participated, though I didn't.

They took selfies during the walk and sent some to me.

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I feel very sad because they had fun without me. What can I do? Focus on the positive. Your friends clearly care about you and wanted you to somehow feel a part of things, which is why they sent your the selfies. Be glad you have such good friends, and be happy for them, that they had a good time.