A Grace Deficit

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Again that word dunamis exactly translated means miracles. There is a very wide spread teaching today that permeates the body of Christ. That teaching is called "cessationism" meaning the gifts of the Spirit as found in 1 Corinthians 12 are no longer in operation. It is said they were only for the first generation of believers. There is a question that may be appropriate here.

If Christ being God in the flesh needed to operate in the gift-works of the Holy Spirit to accomplish his earthly ministry how much more then those believers who want to effectively minister the benefits of the grace covenant? If the gifts of the Spirit were to be removed from the life ministry of Christ the result would have been catastrophic. He would have failed, there would be no salvation!

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If the body of Christ is to be effective in the proclamation of grace in its fullness then the gift-works of the Spirit are imperative and should be functional in every believer. These gift workings of the Holy Spirit are known as the 'charismata. To operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit then is to powerfully administer the grace of Christ to a dying and unbelieving world.

The writer of A Grace Deficit has been witness to the Holy Spirit ministering all his gifts in his life and that over a period of decades. Listen to the Holy Spirit, think about what is said, go the God's Word, ask Him to empower you with his gifts. Remember the Apostle Paul when he went up to Corinth he did not go up with the wisdom of mans words but in demonstration of the Spirit's power.

Only the daring will venture to come and eat of the children's bread. The Lord has set an open door before the believer who through acts of faith can discover and experience an ongoing and supernatural relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The supernatural events recorded in the text of this manuscript have been the ongoing experience of the author for forty years. They serve only to highlight the integrity and authority of the Word of God. Come and live daringly! Read has been in ministry since He has travelled internationally and has been witness to the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

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